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In December of 2010, my world almost collapsed. It was the winter break of my freshman year at Brown University, and I found out that I had FAILED Principles of Economics...

Never in my life had I experienced that much stress, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, I had my peers and teammates who picked me up with motivational and encouraging words that gave me the confidence that I could make it... and I DID!

After reflecting on my experience, I wanted to create an authentic resource that would enable Brown University students to inspire, motivate, and encourage one another on a regular basis. 

Today, that resource is an authentic, fun, and encouraging monthly email newsletter with over 900 Brown University student subscribers and over 600 University of Michigan School of Dentistry Subscribers!


- Jordan Evans '14 (Founder)



Jordan Evans

Founder, class of '14

Atlanta, GA

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Jenny Lee

Campus Ambassador, class of '21

Providence, RI


Lauren Toneatto

Campus Ambassador class of '22

Providence, RI


Zoe Boggs

Campus Ambassador, class of '22

Providence, RI

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